WIRQUIN Slim Shower Waste


For extra flat 90 mm diameter shower trays.
Taking up very little room under the showertray,THE WIRQUIN SLIM SHOWER WASTE has been specially designed to fit extra flat 90mm showers trays. As such, it will favourably suit installations requiring lowaccess, for example persons of reduced mobility. Its streamlined chrome plated ABS dome fixes simply to the fixing plate due to a self centring system.
Features & Benefits

• Most compact shower trap on the market only 58mm deep ideal for low level shower trays.
• Fits all 90mm synthetic and resin shower trays.
• Flow rates up to 34 litres/min. (achievable in 15mm head of water with membrane).
• Universal connection – alll models suitable for compression and solvent weld.
• Chrome plated ABS dome and streamlined design.
• Available in 2 configurations: water seal trap or waterless membrane.
• Eases installation with reduced removal of concrete

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