Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant A067

#Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant A067

Heavy-duty aerosol wire rope, chain and machinery lubricant protector.
WIRE ROPE & CHAIN LUBRICANT AEROSOL has been specifically formulated to lubricate and protect wire ropes, chains, gears and pinions. Advanced formula contains extreme pressure lubricants and colloidal graphite to resist wear under heavy loads and provides a corrosion resistant barrier to protect against the ingress of water and corrosive agents. In addition the formula penetrates deep into the core of wire ropes and components providing a flexible coating which is durable and prevents the ingress of abrasive dirt and grit making it ideal for treatment of ropes and components in heavy lifting equipment, plant and machinery. Wire Rope & Chain Lubricant will resist throw-off, providing exceptional lubrication and protection of slow moving gears, rotor, pinions, chains and ropes.
• Contains oxidised waxes, mineral oils, molybdenum disulphide and graphite for ultimate performance.
• Lubricates wire ropes, chains, linkages and mechanisms even under extreme load, reducing wear, extending component lifetime and reducing costly maintenance.
• Penetrates deep into the rope’s core using the ropes mechanical action, lubricating and protecting the rope from within.
• Provides exceptional long-term protection from corrosion resisting the effects of moisture salts and other corrosive materials.
• Dries to form a flexible film, which protects ropes against the ingress of abrasive dirt and grit, reducing wear and extending lifetime.
• Once dry film will not throw off at high speeds, reducing splatter and reducing frequency of re application.
• Remains effective at temperatures up to 120°C.
• Convenient aerosol format allows simple and convenient application.
• Sprays as a low viscosity fluid to allow penetration of components and mechanisms, and then cures to form a resistant viscous protective film
• Ideally suited for the lubrication and protection of wire ropes, lift cables, drag lines and chains.
• Wire Rope & Chain Lubricant is also an exceptional lubricant for routine maintenance of gears, pinions, hinges, linkages and slide ways on earthmoving equipment, vehicles, forklift trucks, plant and equipment.
• Provides exceptional resistance to weathering, corrosion and salt spray making it ideal for protection of equipment and parts during long-term storage or exposure to the elements.
Do not spray onto hot surfaces or in the vicinity of naked flames or sources of ignition. Shake can well prior to use. Spray onto the component and allow to penetrate. Wipe away excess material if required.
APPEARANCE : Black fluid
ODOUR : Oil/solvent
SOLUBILITY : Insoluble in water
RELATIVE DENSITY : 0.90 – 1.00
FLASH POINT (CONC) (°C) : >40 P/M Pensky-Martens
PROPELLANT : Hydrocarbon
PACK SIZES : (12 x 400ml) and (9 x 600ml) Aerosols
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Avoid spilling, skin and eye contact.
Store at moderate temperatures in a dry well ventilated area. Keep between 0 and 40°C.
Health and Safety Data sheet available separately.

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