Tolette C520

#Tolette C520








Premium thickened toilet and urinal cleaner and descaler

  • Viscous 3 in 1 toilet cleaner, descaler and deodouriser
  • Inhibited phosphoric and sulphuric acid blend that is effective and safe to use on stainless steel, copper, chrome and all other toilet and washroom metals and alloys 
  • Use as supplied, contains 12% phosphoric acid
  • Suitable for use in all toilet and washroom areas
  • Unique patented, fast acting formula provides outstanding performance
  • Pleasantly fragranced

Institute of Naval Medicine - Listed in BR1326
British Stainless Steel Division (types 304 & 316)
Council of British Ceramics Sanitaryware
National Power
Nuclear Electric
Rail Approval Cat: 007/400047
Scientifics Approved
Coal Industry Assessment No: 1402

12 x 1 litre
4 x 5 litre

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