Thickened Oxalwash

#Thickened Oxalwash C976

Viscous, ready to use, oxalic acid based exterior train cleaner and rust remover.
THICKENED OXALWASH contains a blend of detergents, oxalic acid and gelling agents to clean trains carriages and other rolling stock, removing dirt oil and rust grains/staining. Thickened formula enhances cling allowing increased contact times on areas of heavy soiling.
• Viscous formula enhances cling, reduces run off, and provides extended contact times for areas where soil build-ups are particularly high.
• Ready to use formula requires no mixing or dilution.
• Contains detergents and oxalic acid to rapidly remove dirt oil and grime from surfaces.
• Oxalic acid dissolves brake/iron dust particles and removes iron stains from paintwork.
• Contains no mineral acids minimizing damage to concrete sleepers, floors and mortar.
• Will not damage glass.
• Rinses easily.
• Specifically formulated for use within the rail industry.
• Suitable for cleaning locomotives, carriages, freight wagons, tankers, trams and underground trains.
• Also an excellent fallout remover which will remove iron deposits from vehicle paintwork, window frames, and cladding.
• Thickened Oxalwash is designed for manual application. To areas where staining and soiling is particularly heavy.
1. Use undiluted. Apply by brush or mop to the surface. Allow a few minutes contact time to penetrate and release iron residues and dirt. Agitate periodically to loosen soil. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
APPEARANCE : Viscous liquid
COLOUR : Colourless/pale straw
ODOUR : Mild acidic.
RELATIVE DENSITY : 1.01 @ 20 °c
pH-VALUE : 1-2
SOLUBILITY : Soluble in water
FLAMMABILITY : Non Flammable
PACK SIZES : 1,000, 210 and 20 litres
3M approved
4 Rail approved
PPG Automotive Refinish approved
Scientifics approved
UK Rail Cat Nos;
007/007331 20 litre
007/007316 210 litre
007/007317 1000 litre
Avoid spilling, skin and eye contact. Wear appropriate impervious protective clothing and eye protection when washing rolling stock.
Keep containers tightly closed. Store at moderate temperatures in dry, well ventilated area.

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