Supersolve AS A145

#Supersolve AS A145

Aerospace approved electronic cleaner and degreaser.
SUPERSOLVE AS Aerosol is an exceptionally clean fast evaporating low odour solvent degreaser, which dries rapidly to a residue free finish. Supersolve AS has been formulated with highly refined solvents for excellent compatibility with circuit boards, insulating materials and electronic
components. Aside from its applications in aerospace and engineering Supersolve AS is also approved for use as an electrical cleaner and degreaser in food processing environments.
• Ultimate solvent purity ensures safety on the most sensitive electronic equipment.
• Complies with aerospace specification MIL-PRF-29608, Class C.
• Removes oils, including silicone oils, and particulates from electrical and electronic components, instruments, machined parts and surfaces.
• Exceptionally fast drying to reduce down time during electrical maintenance and repair.
• Incorporates 134a propellant to suppress flammability in use.
• Low odour and non-tainting.
• NSF K1 status. Approved for cleaning electrical and electronic equipment in food manufacture and preparation environments.
• Rapid drying and minimal residues make Supersolve AS ideal for surface preparation prior to bonding, painting and inspection.
• Use Supersolve AS for cleaning electrical and electronic assemblies, motors solenoids and switchgear in aerospace, manufacturing and food processing applications.
• Supersolve AS is a highly effective NDT (non-destructive testing) Stage 1 Cleaner for routine maintenance or quality inspections.
• Superb for the preparation of surfaces prior to bonding, painting or coating.
• Exceptional spot cleaner for removal of oil spots from delicate fabrics, carpets and upholstery.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Electrical and electronic cleaning:
1. Do not apply to live electrical circuits or hot surfaces.
2. Switch off electrical supply.
3. Shake can.
4. Spray as required to flush oil and grease from the system.
5. Allow to air dry fully before reconnecting power. 
Component cleaning and degreasing:
1. Shake can.
2. Spray liberally onto the component.
3. Agitate stubborn residues with a brush or wipe away with a lint free cloth.
4. Re-apply if required.
5. Allow to dry.
COLOUR : Colourless
ODOUR : Mild solvent
FLASHPOINT (°C) : -20°C (liquid concentrate)
RELATIVE DENSITY : 0.71 - (liquid concentrate) @ 20 °c
PACK SIZE : (9 x 600mls Aerosols)
MIL-PRF-29608 (AS), Class C
NSF K2 Registration no. 142814
British Coal Industry Assessment No: 8032 /
Underground No: UKC295G
Aramco, Saudi Arabia
SCECo, Saudi Arabia (Power Generation)
Emirates Airlines
Avoid inhalation of vapours/spray and contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from heat, sparks and open
flame. Provide good ventilation.
Store at moderate temperatures in a dry well ventilated area. Keep between 0 and 40°C.
Health and Safety Data sheet available separately.

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