Lotoxane XF C053

#Lotoxane XF C053

Lotoxane XF








A rapid drying Lotoxane® variant which evaporates six times faster than standard Lotoxane®

  • Flash point 27ºC
  • Version preferred by automotive manufacturers where manual preparation of frameworks and panels for painting is dictated
  • Effectively replaces thinners, MEK, toluene and other more hazardous solvents used traditionally for cleaning prior to painting
  • Proven effective in reducing total VOC emissions

FRA Serco

9 x 500ml aerosol A416
4 x 5 litre
20 litre
210 litre

- See more at: http://www.arrowchem.com/aerospace/lotoxane-xf/#sthash.5XxoWQuG.dpuf

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