Lotoxane Fast Wipes C044

#Lotoxane Fast Wipes C044

Lotoxane Fast Wipes







Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® Fast

  • Flashpoint 40°C
  • For wipe-cleaning prior to painting, bonding and removing protective coatings
  • Suitable for use as Stage 1 - cleaner in NDT (Non Destructive Testing) processes
  • Approved by aerospace manufacturers
  • Wipe format reduces risk of spillage and reduces solvent vapour in use

MoD NATO Stock No: 7930-99-598-5789 (tub)
Institute of Naval Medicine - |Listed in BR1326
Coal Industry Assessment No: 7554
Underground RJB121G
Aramco - Saudi Arabia
GE Aircraft Services
Pratt & Whitney International Aero Engines

10 x 85 wipes

- See more at: http://www.arrowchem.com/aerospace/lotoxane-fast-wipes/#sthash.RVdXiaWJ.dpuf

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