Landscape Fabric Weed Control

#Landscape Fabric Weed Control

Landscape Fabric Weed Control

Available in a range of sizes & materials to suit various applications from small to large landscaping projects, in both commercial and domestic situations.Used for a variety of purposes in the garden but always with the aim of suppressing weeds but allowing water to soak away.

Specific uses include

  • All our landscape fabrics are UV stabilised
  • Ideal for use under paths, patios, decking, paving, bark mulch, gravel etc.
  • Covering a flower bed prior to sowing
  • Underlay beneath a garden path or patio
  • For preventing potted plants implanting into the soil
  • Can sometimes also be used as barrier fence (effective but unsightly)
  • Often used in conjunction with bark or gravel to produce attractive finish

Available sizes:

  1. 15mtr x 1mtr : 75gsm
  2. 50mtr x 1mtr: 100 gsm
  3. 50mtr  x 2mtr: 100 gsm

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