Keen Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint

#Keen Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint

Keen Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint is a 100% high-quality, acrylic resin paint suitable for the decoration and protection of all interior and exterior surfaces. It produces a very high coverage with only one coat, and covers surfaces with just two coats.






Keen Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint is manufactured using selected acrylic resins that are perfectly transparent, made of the finest particles and with very low acidity. They are designed to penetrate deeply into the porosity of a surface and bond closely with it, even if surfaces are hard-to-cover and have low absorption rates. Thanks to the paint's low acidity level, the resins will not attack the pigments, meaning that colors maintain their tones long after the original application. 

Keen Acrylic Aerosol Spray Paint cans are fitted with, self-cleaning valve's, safety cap, and ozone safe propellant. Drying times: Touch dry in 5-7 min, Overcoatable in 10-12 min, Fully through dry in 24 hours. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity (60% RH) and good drying conditions. Do not apply if temperatures are below 15°C, especially in areas of low ventilation.


Available Colours:

Black Matt. Black Gloss. Black High Temperature up to 600 degrees.

White Matt. White Gloss. White High Temperature up to 600 degrees. Radiator White Paint  up to 120 degrees

Green, Red, Yellow, Gold, Blue, Silver Gloss, Silver high Temperature up to 600 degrees. 

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