Damp Proof Course


Damp proof course made from 100% recycled polythene, conforms to BS 6515 (1984).









For use in brick, stone and concrete walls our DPC provides a robust damp proof barrier to prevent the rise of damp in structure walls. To be compliant with current building regulations a damp proof course should be built into the mortar bed approximately 150mm above the structure base.

Our Damp proof course comes in a range of sizes to suite various project applications. It is flexible and has a bold embossing to both sides to promote improved adhesion to mortar.

Made from recycled LDPE, 500 micron thick Strong, durable, rot-proof, tear resistant Long lasting performance
Competitive price
Manufactured to BS 6515 (1984) Meets minimum requirements of the building regulations Material is manufactured to tested quality standards.
Impermeable Stops moisture from penetrating up through foundations and walls Helps prevent water damage, “heave” and timber rot
Buildings are protected against damp penetration
Recyclable Material can be reclaimed Easier to dispose of
Better for the environment

Product specifications

Product Number Size
DPC 36'' 30m x 900mm
DPC 18'' 30m x 450mm
DPC 337.5'' 30m x 337.5mm
DPC 12'' 30m x 300mm
DPC 9'' 30m x 225mm
DPC 6'' 30m x 150mm
DPC 24'' 30m x 600mm
DPC 4'' 30m x 100mm

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