A cold applied rubberised bitumen emulsion that dries to provide a tough, black flexible coating.








For use as a conventional sandwich membrane for waterproofing of floors and walls.  Protects concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls and bridge abutments from moisture and sulphates in soil.  


Other uses include an adhesive for roofs, bonding wood blocks, wood mosaics, insulation board, expanded polystyrene and cork tiles. Dampen porous and hot dry surfaces, but do not waterlog. Stir well before use. Apply by brush. Do not apply to external surfaces in wet weather or if any rain is threatened. Allow good ventilation in confined areas.


In multi-coat applications, each coat should be allowed to dry completely before the next coat is applied. Not advised for interior walls below ground level. It is recommended to treat on the outside as Cromaprufe is unlikely to resist exposure to free water or water pressure, conditions which are often found in basements and cellars. Cromaprufe may be applied to surfaces which have poor keying properties e.g. gloss painted walls, old tiles.

To permit the application of plaster, the surface should be free from grease and dirt , should be coated with two thin layers of Cromapruffe (4-5m2 per litre per coat). Whilst the second coat is still tacky it should be blinded with clean sharp sand and allowed to dry for 48 hours before plastering according to Plaster Manufacturers recommendations.

Store inside between 5oC and 40oC. Protect from frost.

Shelf life is a minimum of 12 months in tightly sealed containers. Containers should be regularly rolled if in storage for lengthy periods.



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