Black Bitumen Paint

#Black Bitumen Paint

A general purpose bituminous paint for waterproofing and weather protecting steelwork, concrete, potable water tanks, which complies with BS 3416 Type 1 Class A.








For protecting metal, corrugated iron, fire escapes, stairways, ladders, storage tanks, gutters, downspouts, fences, railing gates, and the protection of concrete structures, stone, brick and sand/cement.  


Suitable for the protection of drinking water tanks.

Porous surfaces must be thoroughly clean and dry, and should be primed with Bitumen Primer or Black Bitumen Paint diluted with 20% white spirit. On bare metal a rust inhibiting product such as red oxide or zinc phosphate should be applied and allowed to harden.  On surfaces previously covered with a bituminous compound all dirt, grease and loosely adhering material must be removed by brushing or washing.  Any bare patches of metal should be spot primed.

A minimum of two coats of Black Bitumen Paint should be applied. The first coat must be left to dry before the second is applied. The product may bleed through any paints subsequently applied over it.


Apply a primer recommended by the paint manufacturer before over painting.


The product should be applied between -10oC and +30oC.


The coverage rate on metal and smooth surfaces is approximately 10m2 per litre, and will be less for porous surfaces.


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