Aluminium Paint


Aluminium Paint

A solvent based bituminous aluminium paint containing a specially selected grade of bitumen and a leafing grade aluminium flake, which provides a solar reflective finish for bituminous roof surfaces, steel and corrugated iron.  
  • Application must be in two coats, the second coat must be applied 24 hours after the first coat.  
  • Freshly applied coatings should be allowed to weather for three to four weeks prior to the application of the aluminium paint. 
  • STIR THE CONTAINER THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE to ensure that no deposits are left on the bottom of the container.  
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray. 
  • Do not brush excessively as this causes softening of the substrate and staining.  
  • Do not apply in wet weather or when rain is threatened or when poor drying conditions exist.  
  • The rate of application is between 5-10m2per litre per coat depending upon the condition of the surface. 
  • The product has a storage life of 12-18 months, under good conditions. 
  • Store in a cool dry place away from all sources of ignition In tightly closed containers.
  •  Do not apply in temperatures below 5'C

5.0 litre

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