All Weather Roof Coat

#All Weather Roof Coat

A solvent-based bituminous compound heavily bodied with fillers and fibres and a high grade of aluminium paste.
Aluminium Allweather Roof Coat dries to form a tough, flexible solar reflective coating.
Aluminium Allweather Roof Coat may be applied by brush or by spray to give a solar reflective finish to the previous coats of Allweather Roofing 
Compound and is therefore often used as the final coat in multi-coat 
Allweather Roof coating system may be used on the following surfaces.
1. Asphalt roofs
2. Built-up felt roofs
3. Concrete roof decks
4. Asbestos-Cement sheeting.
5. Metal sheeting, including iron, steel, zinc and lead
6. Slates & Tiles
Aluminium Allweather Roof Coat may be used in conjunction with a rotproof Hessian reinforcement scrim or a bitumen coated glass fibre scrim.

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