A2 Overband Sealant Bitumen 85/25, 40/60

#A2 Overband Sealant Bitumen

A2 Overband Sealant Bitumen is a standard grade overband sealant for general purpose applications. It consists of bitumen, polymer and mineral fillers to produce a smooth, tough compound with good elastomeric performance.

A2 Overband Sealant Bitumen has been carefully formulated to provide a compound capable of sealing and banding in one operation. The material can be successfully applied in finished widths of 40mm to 100mm and provides a tack-free band with good adhesion to the road surface without the use of a primer. The problems of ‘tyre pick-up’ are totally eliminated because of its tack-free surface and resistance to deformation at road temperatures reaching 45°C. Zebraseal A2 is formulated to meet today’s requirements for quality, cost effective road maintenance. 

Horizontal joints in runways, roads, pavements and buildings.
40 x 25kg bags per pallet.


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